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Hotel Rooms laid out for College Students 

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We would like to hear from you. Let us know what we did right and how we can improve our hotels.

Our Hotels

Student Rooms in college hotels have been a staple of student life in Europe. They offer many benefits to students, hotels, and communities. We are bringing this experimental concept to the United States.

Large Study Area

Each Student Room at participating hotels provides a large desk, comfortable ergonomic chair, bookcase, and adequate outlets for all your gadgets.  

Non-Intrusive Room Service

There is no daily housekeeping service. Depending on your plan, the HK staff will clean your room on a specific schedule that could be weekly, biweekly, or even monthly. However, the rooms will be inspected once a week in most cases. Any towels and sheets left on the floor will be removed and cleaned. Most students prefer to use their own towels and even linen. If they leave them on the shelf the hotel staff will not touch them.

High Speed Internet

A reliable and fast Internet connection is at the top of the list for any college student. The Verified Hotels provide exclusive high-speed internet access to college student rooms. All Internet service providers and technology retailers are instructed to deliver a superior service to the students. Additionally, the participating hotels offer WIFI to the entire hotel, which means you will have two Internet services to enjoy.

Mid-Size In-Room Fridge

We understand you will need a larger refrigerator than the mini fridges commonly used for college students. No Problem, we got that for you. The participating hotels have placed a 7 cu.ft. refrigerator or larger in each Student Room. They are practically twice the size of the standard compact hotel refrigerators.

Comfortable Room

The most noticeable feature of Student Rooms is the study and work area. The rooms are not cluttered; they are open and stylish. There is enough space to move around and be comfortable.

Shared Student Kitchen

Some of our hotels will provide a basic private kitchen for the students only. They will be able to cook their favorite student dinner. However, most of our hotels are located near restaurants, and delivery is always available.

Our Blog

We are experienced hoteliers who still live with college memories in mind. These are the most exciting and memorable days of your life. Not only are you getting ready for unpredictable challenges ahead, but you are also enjoying your life as a college student.

Let us make it easier for you; Student Rooms offer you more privacy, comfort, and added time for your study.

An evolving concept

Student housing in hotels has been a common practice in Europe for years. College Hotels is bringing that concept to the United States. This is an evolving idea for Americans who, as of now, had only two options available for them: living in an apartment or the dorm. Each one has its pros and cons. College Hotels can offer an advantageous and viable third option.
The concept is still growing in the US, so please don't hesitate to let us know your thoughts and preferences. As in any other service, we are here to offer you a better option and improve it as time passes. Let us know what we are doing right and where we can improve. Thank you for that.   


We know that recycling is crucial for you, as it should be.
On average, the amount of waste per person in the United States equals over 5 Lbs a day. That is estimated to be about 2.2 billion metric tons by 2025 worldwide per annum. That covers the entire Dallas, Texas, with Trash.
The good news is that a considerable part of that waste is biodegradable, like the pizza you didn't finish last night and tossed it in the trash with the pizza box. However, the soda bottle is not. 

We need to do our part. Otherwise, we will be leaving a planet of trash behind. Most of our hotels offer a recycling bin in the hotel. We hope you will be using them.   

Bicycle Parking

Some of our hotels might provide a Bicycle Parking Station if the University or College is in a reasonable biking distance and it is feasible to bike.

 Stay fit, energized, and help the environment.     


The hotels listed here as College Hotels or otherwise, are independently owned and managed hotels and are often under standardized room and service requirements. Please check the description for every hotel to ensure the offered amenities meet your requirements. The properties that are inspected by the College Inns Team for the services provided are marked as a Verified Hotel.